Volume Conversions Fridge Magnet

A part of the Kitchen 101 series from Chasing Delicious, this refrigerator breaks down the basic volumetric measurements to make cooking and baking at home a cinch. Not only are the magnets functional, but with six color options they will look great in any kitchen!

This magnets breaks down the various volume conversions for the American customary measurement system. Metric amounts are rounded to the nearest 0 or 5. As with all the original Kitchen 101 items , this magnet is available in six different colors (red, olive, teal, orange, blue & grey)! 

The information on this magnet is meant to be used for reference purposes and not educational instruction. 

10% of profits from Kitchen 101 posters sold at The Sweet Tooth Paper Goods Company will be donated to nonprofits supporting education in the culinary arts.

View the original Kitchen 101 posters and educational articles at Chasing Delicious here.

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